Real estate is a buzzing topic which most Indians are discussing today. Investing in a home or a plot of land is one of the most important decisions which you take in your lifetime. Real estate has always been an attractive destination for investors. Before you invest in a home it is important that you do your homework. Instead of acting in haste you must take an informed decision. A thorough research will help you to compare across destinations and decide which place is best for you. You can consult property magazines to know about the market trends.

Buying property

You will find plenty of information online which will help you to find the property of your dream. It is important that you buy your property from a trusted developer. Check whether the developer has all the necessary documents and the permission to carry out the project. If you are looking for a good investment opportunity you can consider shelling out money on real estate. If you want high return on investment opt for a property which offers high capital gains. Analyze the market trends carefully and opt for a property which has high chances of appreciation of prices in the future.

Investing in India

In India both nonresident Indians and people of Indian origin are allowed to buy property. if you are looking for high capital gains on property you can consider investing in the National Capital Region or states like Ahmedabad. Real estate prices in NCR have shown a rise by 54% in the last few years. Before you invest in real estate it is important that you determine a budget. If you want to live close to Delhi you can opt for apartments which are being launched in Gurgaon and Noida. If you stay in these well-planned satellite towns you can easily enjoy good connectivity to the national capital.

Factors to consider

When investing in property in India there are several factors which you must consider. Take into account the infrastructural development, location of offices, transportation facilities and civic amenities. If a place is well connected to the neighboring areas it will soon emerge as a property hot-spot. Do not forget to consider the job growth rate and employment opportunity. Examine the access to shopping and greenery. These factors will determine the appreciation in property value. It is important to check the reputation of the builder and the quality of construction. The builder should delivers the project on time and deliver the amenities which they have promised.

Buying a new home

Look for residential facilities which offer modern amenities. An under construction property is more affordable than a ready to move in property. If you opt for a residential property in a premium location you can enjoy the benefits of a clubhouse, round the clock security, uninterrupted water and power supply and sports facilities. If you are a bachelor or a newly married couple you can opt for a studio apartment. However it is important that you take your future needs into account when you buy a home.

Author: Barsha Mishra , September 30, 2014 in